Friday, October 31, 2008

Again and again...

I think about it every day
Wondering what happens when we die
If we stay on earth with our loved ones,
Or if we just sit next to them and cry
It is a curious question that I ask myself
Will I ever see her?
Will I ever get to hold her hand?
Are things just going to pick up where they
Left off,
Or is it just going to be the end
Do we go into a world of our own making?
Where things aren’t as they seem,
Or do we go with our families,
And start all over again
It is a question that can’t be answered,
And only can be thought of
Is their life after death?
Do the answers lie above?
There are so many questions
In so many ways
Which road do I take?
And can she hear me when I pray
Can she really be a star?
That glistens in the night
Or is that just a myth
To make you feel alright
I don’t understand
How to communicate
I have tried in so many ways
But I just can’t wait
I want to talk to her and see her
So badly that it hurts
I want to hug and kiss her
So my heart will no longer hurt
But I have to let her go
Until the time comes
Figure out what’s next
As my body goes numb
Numb with the feelings
Of being left in this world
Wondering where my mom went
Why she left me here in the cold
I miss her so much
And all of those who died
All my friends and family
It just makes me want to hide
Hide away in the darkness
All by myself
And rock myself to sleep
And dream of something else
Dream of all the good things
That goes on in my life
Dream of all the bad things
That happened to my life
But I guess there is a reason
For all of this, I think
Maybe it is better
That there is a missing link
I will put all of this to rest
And stop wondering why
Just think about today
And the people I still have
Tell them how much I love them
Each and every day
And stop wondering about tomorrow
And what happens when we die
Because we all have a destiny
And only God knows why

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