Thursday, October 30, 2008

If We Could Have You Back...

If we could have you back for just one day
There would be so many things we would like to say
If we could just be with you for one whole day
To have you close and know that you really are Okay.

If we had known that you would be gone forever
If we had known all those ties were going to be severed
If we had known the pain, the loss, and the ache
If we had known the difference without you would make.

In the darkness you slipped away from us all,
Now it's just your memories that we have to recall,
They say that parting is such sweet sorrow,
But it's the longing, the wondering, and how to cope with tomorrow.

They say that grieving a mum is the very worst
Cause life's plan is that the parents should go first.

Now all we have are memories, the good times that we had,
We spend so much time in tears, and pain and feeling sad,
So if we could have you back for just one day,
You could let us know, how to cope until that judgement day,
When we'll be together as a family once again,
When we'll all be happy and free from all this pain.

Oh ! it's so hard to live when your loved one has to die,
Then we spend our lifetime trying to say Goodbye!

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